Data Science Services:

Predict where your customer/members are going

Go beyond understanding what your customer/members have done.

Data Science Services enables you to understand where they’re going to be—

and what they’ll need next from you.


We offer two levels of service to meet your specific needs.

Predictive Scoring Service

SavvyIntel has developed robust algorithms that build models based on data from numerous financial institutions. Comparing your data to these models, these algorithms can predict and optimize business outcomes. Financial institutions supply us with basic spreadsheet data about their customer/members and we identify high-value members likely to be responsive to new products and offers. With more demographic data, we can call out specific needs of individual groups.


Because we specialize in financial institutions, we have a database of half a million banking and credit union customer/members. Working with this vast pool of information has helped shape our predictability models, making them far more precise.

Data Science as a Service

This higher level of service pulls data from far more sources, including transaction systems, call centers and branches. It allows our team to build very advanced algorithms for you and provides a much more granular view of individuals, their banking behaviors and their current and future needs.

Together, these services can help you improve your marketing and customer/member interactions.

Identify high-value, engaged customer/members.

We deliver a 360-degree view that goes beyond mere profitability, including RFM and Propensity Scores and demographics.


Identify the right targeted offerings.

Analyze buying patterns and identify profitable cross- and up-selling possibilities for individual segments of your base.


Improve engagement and loyalty.

Build more personalized relationships with customer/members, gaining a deeper understanding to offer them the “next right action” for where they are in life, not just the “next best offer.”


Monitor changing behavior.

When an individual customer/member’s banking habits suddenly change, you can proactively reach out and fix any potential problems.


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