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SavvyIntel has a proven track record for success in the credit union and community banking movement. We know you are focused on what’s important—your members and your customers. We also know you must do more with less.


Partnering with SavvyIntel gives you access to more for less. Unlike most outside consultants, our team understands the banking and credit union domain and the data. There is no learning curve, so we require less of your team’s time. With no software or hardware to purchase, we’re also a financially smart choice.


Best of all, SavvyIntel’s team of analysts and data scientists give you access to services typically reserved for big banks and Fortune 500 companies.


Our Team


SavvyIntel comes by its financial acumen honestly—its cofounders come from a credit union background. While at a $2-billion credit union, they helped deliver state-of-the-art data warehouse solutions and partnered with executives to craft insights to manage and enhance performance.


One of the founders is a CFA charterholder with more than 20 years in the business intelligence and big data analytics arena. SavvyIntel has experience building business intelligence programs for banks and credit unions ranging in size from $200 million to $2 billion in assets.


While SavvyIntel’s team has the technical expertise you would expect, technology isn’t the end to them—it’s simply the tool they use. Their real passion is identifying business challenges and coming up with solutions. Collectively, the team brings more than 50 years of analytical, digital transformation and big data knowhow to the table, with 15 years of experience working within the financial services space. So they’re skilled at leading and executing digital transformation and enterprise solutions within the banking and insurance industries. In addition to this strong financial background, our team comes with substantial experience in the insurance, healthcare and retail industries.


The entire team has advanced degrees. Our Head of Data Science holds a PhD from Northwestern University and has experience leading an advanced analytics team for a FinTech organization. The Data Science team has worked across many platforms, from HaDoop to SAS, R, SQL, Python and more. So they’re ready to configure our solutions to match your existing systems.


Working in SavvyIntel’s Data Science Lab, they’re solving a variety of business challenges for a variety of clients every day. For you, this means they bring a wealth of ideas from many sources—quite possibly, they’ve already solved challenges you face and can bring those learnings to your organization.


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